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June 10, 2018

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I have been gradually integrating green products into my beauty and skincare routine for a few years now. If it were up to me, I would have a fully ethical and clean skincare routine by now. But, there is nothing green about being wasteful and I still have a ton of chemically-infilled beauty products to use up in my cabinets.

I am a huge supporter of local businesses and have been searching for Canadian beauty companies to obsess over. I stumbled upon BKIND by fluke. The website is so aesthetically pleasing that I found myself clicking every available product. What encouraged me to purchase was BKIND’s mission statement:

“Our mission is to provide quality products that are not tested on animals and are completely safe for the environment. Our products are plant-based and made from 100% natural ingredients.” – BKIND


Face Scrub

Weekly exfoliation is a major aspect of my skincare routine, so I was thrilled to see that BKIND offers a face scrub for sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin — If I use irritating products, eat new foods, or incorporate significant lifestyle changes into my life, I risk having my skin breakout in what seems like a hive of zits. I immediately ordered myself a scrub to try out.

The cranberry seeds and hibiscus face scrub is meant to exfoliate your skin and moisturize at the same time. The hibiscus naturally firms your skin while adding oils, like tamanu oil, to perfectly smooth it.

I jabbed my finger into the product thinking it would be soft and creamy like other exfoliators I have tried. I was taken aback when my finger didn’t even make a dent in the scrub. The product was way more dense and concentrated than I anticipated. After finally getting a significant scoop onto my finger, I began rubbing the scrub all over my face. Wow – What an experience this was. The formerly dense product basically melted all over my face. The scrub was soft and gentle. It left my skin feeling moist and smooth. After merely one use, my face was glowing — I can’t remember the last time my skin radiated like this.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, safflower oil, almond oil, apricot oil, tamanu oil, cranberry seeds and hibiscus flower powder. With a note of mandarin, lavender and geranium.

Buy it here: Sensitive Skin Face Scrub



I am always hesitant to buy new lip balms. My naturally soft and bright lips have been dull lately. After years of crazing over EOS lip balms, my lips are finally paying the price. The cult favourite brand EOS completely dried out and cracked my lips. I have been weary of all lip care products ever since.

BKIND lip balms are made of cocoa and shea butter – both contain extremely rich and moisturizing elements that instantly nourish and penetrate the lips. Apricot oil and orange essential oils provide a calming effect while creating a protective barrier to provide long-term hydration.

Something drew me to BKIND’s lip balm forest. As an earth sign who is deeply in tuned with nature, I think it was the “forest” element. The lip balm glides so effortlessly across my lips. Instantly, I felt my lips moisturizing – They felt so soft and smooth. Hours have passed and I still feel the same hydration I felt when I first applied the balm.

Ingredients: candelilla wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, apricot oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, cedarwood, eucalyptus and pine tree essential oils.

Buy it here: Lip Balm Forest



I am guilty of purchasing cheap, plastic toothbrushes. My oral-health care is minimal at best. I purchase whichever toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and mouthwash is on sale at my local drugstore. Recently, I have been considering how my 22-years of plastic toothbrush waste has impacted the environment. Shivering at that thought, I decided that my next toothbrush would be biodegradable.

When I noticed BKIND had their own bamboo toothbrush, I immediately put it into my cart. The whole toothbrush is biodegradable. The bristles are made of nylon, while the handle is an antibacterial wood. Infused on the bristles is activated charcoal, which deodorize your mouth and absorb all of the chemicals found in tap water.

Buy it here: Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush

What are some green beauty brands you like?

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  1. Sunaina Das says:

    I need to try this ASAP ❤️ I love the post 💕
    My new post –
    Hope you will like it.
    Sunaina Das

  2. I absolutely love natural lip balms! Those one sounds amazing!

    Xo Logan

  3. srijan says:

    hello, nicole! i just saw your blog and it indeed is the most beautiful blog, i’ve seen in a while! i really loved the theme and all that you’ve done! it’s impressive! also, well i like reading you, as long as it’s not anything beauty :p
    anyway, i was wondering, if i could ask you something!

    • naturallynic says:

      Thank you for the comment! I like to include some beauty content into my blog because natural, green beauty is something that interests me! And yes, what would you like to ask?

      • srijan says:

        I don’t understand beauty, so please just excuse me for that! And well, this might sound just stupid and well, not very interesting, but would you mind, if i wanted to talk to you and maybe write you poetry, because you just feel really beautiful and well, i’ve stopped writing or using my blog, but i couldn’t resist after reading you, so yeah! And well, i think my eyes would have been closed, if i were to have said this to you, in like person!

        I’m sorry, this is probably creepy and just stupid but well, i just said whatever i felt. I’m sorry!

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